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Assembly of European Regions and its 13 partners welcome to the website of the PRESERVE project! On the following pages you will find information about the project itself, its activities and objectives, as well as information about the 13 regional and local authorities involved in its implementation. We also invite you to consult our events and activities page and publications section where you can find our latest newsletters and other publications.

If you have any questions regarding our activities, do not hesitate to make use of the information available on our contact page.

Flash Info

PRESERVE Conference:

Innovation & Sustainability in Tourism - Regions present ideas & solutions"

The aim of our final PRESERVE conference is to explore the ideas, problems and solutions of regions related to innovation and sustainability in European tourism. In this context, we would like to take a closer look at the developments at the European level related to tourism and to provide good practice examples on the topics of sustainability and innovation from which other regions can learn. The objective is also to present the major outcomes of the INTERREG IVC PRESERVE (Peer REviews for Sustainable Eco-Regions Via Europe) project, which aimed at improving effectiveness of regional tourism development policies and supporting sustainable tourism.

For more information please click on our conference webpage. Please find there the agenda of our event, the practical information and the registration form.

About us

PRESERVE is co-financed by the INTERREG IVC programme which is part of the European Territorial Cooperation Objective. It is the EU Programme that helps regions of Europe to share their knowledge and experience and provides a platform for the exchange and transfer of good practices. Two main priorities are targeted: ‘Innovation and Knowledge economy’ and ‘Environment and Risk prevention’. These priorities reflect the strategy of the EU to encourage growth and jobs in line with the Lisbon and Gothenburg Strategies.


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