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The tourism potential of Region Abruzzo is deeply routed in its natural, architectural and cultural patrimony giving the possibility to develop maritime, rural, mountainous and green tourism. Regional policy aims to find a organized and networked tourism enhancement methodology to achieve a collective consciousness, exalting in a sustainable way the peculiarities of the territory.    
Key is to establish a methodology that involves local actors in the development of resources.

Objectives in PRESERVE

  1. Enhance  the concept of sustainable tourism in the population and local stakeholders in various phases of the implementation of the project
  2. Promotion of  natural and cultural heritage, by raising the awareness of the  populations, the local authorities and all other  local actors and users about possibilities and opportunities in preserving and developing the areas,
  3. Contribution to the evaluation of innovative methods and tools for sustainable development of the areas with the cooperation  of experts.


Rita di Matteo
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