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Avila province has as main resource the tourism sector, the cultural and natural one, the rate of tourism is increasing every year, over 1M tourists, which is a good opportunity to develop our region in a socio-economic way. At the same time, as local authority it is our responsibility to protect the environment as well as the cultural resources from the deterioration produced by the pressure of tourism, trying to avoid any damage to our patrimony, and we hope some guidelines from Preserve.
Our province has two different zones for tourism: the city, Avila which is a human heritage city, and the rural landscape with the mountains in the south and the flat plain in the north.

Objectives in PRESERVE

The main goal in the Preserve project is to exchange experiences about what are doing other regions in Europe to develop the tourism sector in a sustainable way, we would like to know as a result of the peer review which are our current strengths and weaknesses in order to apply the suggestion of the Action Plan to improve our tourism strategy. As well as to show some practices in our territory that could be replicate in other European regions.


Roberto Rodríguez Pindado
T: +34 920 206 230
F: +34 920 206 205


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