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Carinthia is situated in the South of Austria and has a border to Slovenia and Italy. The year-round tourism is based mainly on the high nature potential. The Alps and more than 1.000 lakes offer a wide range for activities in the nature. In summer the tourists love hiking and biking on the well prepared infrastructure. The thematic routes show the cultural heritage of castles, palaces, manor houses and high quality restored historical centres to our visitors. Especially in the winter season the region is famous for it’s huge opportunities in skiing, boarding and skating. Cross border activities with Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia complete this unique offer.
Although these facts of our tourism it is necessary to develop a strategic approach and process for more sustainability in our tourism. Therefore it is important to learn from other regions and their experiences in sustainable tourism.

Objectives in PRESERVE

  1. Development of sustainable tourism in cooperation with regional management; initiation of a process concerning a better cooperation between tourism and regional development
  2. How to make aware sustainable tourism; starting of such a process in a pilot region (South Carinthia)
  3. Elaboration of strategic guidelines for sustainable development with various thematic key aspects as a living paper in an ongoing process
  4. An objective assessment of competent people and institutions from outside the region (peer reviews) is a big chance to develop a better sustainable tourism.


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