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The Eszak-Alföld Region is situated in the North Eastern part of Hungary, and has borders with Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania. The territory of the Eszak-Alföld Region means 19,1 % (17.729 km2) of the whole territory of Hungary, while its population gives 15,3 % (1.547.003 inhabitants) of the total population of the country. The unemployment rate is 6,8 %. The region gives 9,9 % of the Hungarian GDP (appr. 6,612 million EUR). The GDP per capita is 64,4 % of the Hungarian average, and 37,5 percent of the EU25 average. The two most significant treasures of nature of our region are the arable lands of excellent quality and the thermal water. The region’s world famous health spas, national parks with unique treasures of nature.

Tourism built on the natural and cultural resources of the region. The region is rich in curative thermal water that enables products of (thermal) tourism of international importance to be created with developing the existent thermal water bodies and expanding the services built upon it. The sustainable, complex and environmentally friendly development and utilization of the unique natural resources in the region (Hortobágy, River Tisza and its oxbow lakes, the Lake Tisza), as tourism resources, can strengthen the domestic and international competitiveness of the North Great Plain Region, with special attention to competitors from outside the region and abroad.

The unique natural attractions in the Eszak-Alföld Region represent important potential of tourism. One of the basic breakout points of the region’s development is the environmental conscious sustainable tourism development based on natural treasures, which can rely on internationally solvent demand. The elements of the tourism network includes the followings: development of world heritage elements, curative, thermal and wellness tourism, the development of eco-, village and active tourism through complex tourism packages.

Participating in Preserve is important for our region for checking the correspondance of the objectives of the region with the general and special goals of the tourism in the European Union.

Objectives in PRESERVE

  1. Sharing experience of regional planning and programming policies and methods in sustainable tourism
  2. Acquiring best practices in sustainable tourism
  3. Building partnership with regional actors of tourism in EU


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