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The Region of Sterea Ellada (RSE) is the state authority in the region and acts for the development and interest supervision in the county. RSE is responsible for regional planning and has a central role in the international co-operation of the region. The Region of Sterea Ellada is found in the centre of the country, bordering to the north on Thessalia, to the west on Western Greece and to the south on Attica. It is constituted by five prefectures and the headquarters are located in Lamia, capital of prefecture Fthiotida. The Region of Sterea Ellada presents a similar development with that of the country, with regard to the increase of employment in the tertiary sector and the parallel reduction of employment in the primary sector. The tertiary sector and specifically the tourism sector is a dynamic developing sector that contributes to the regional GDP.
The Region of Sterea Ellada has possibilities of tourist growth due to the existence of important archaeological Byzantines monuments, the natural beauty that characterizes particularly the prefectures Evrytania and Fokida, the insufficient up to now exploitation of therapeutic baths that allocates also its geographic place. Tourist exploitable regions of Region constitute:

  • Coastal regions: Almost all the beaches of Evia and particularly North Evia, the regions of Kammena Vourla - Arkjtsas - Theologou and Raches - Glyfas, entire the beach of South Fokida from the Itea up to the estuaries of Mornou as well as the departments of Evia.
  • Mountainous regions: Almost the entire of Evrytania, departments of Prefectures Viotia, Fokida and Fthiotida that are found in the mountains of Parnassos, Gkjonas, Vardousion and Itis, as well as the departments of Evia
  • Historical spaces: The regions of Delphi, Eretrias, Thebes, Castles of Amfissa and Lamia, Fortress of Chalcidos.
  • Regions with therapeutic baths: Edipsos, Kammena Vourla, Thermopyles, Platystomos and Baths of Ipatis.
  • Ski Centres: An important factor of tourist attraction constitutes the ski Centres of Parnassos and Velouhiou.

Objectives in PRESERVE

The Region of Sterea Ellada has extensive collaborations with key organizations mainly on national and European level. It has a broad network of partnerships on regional and national level with a range of public and private bodies. The Region of Sterea Ellada is a new member of AER and has a significant experience in collaborating in transnational environments. The development of the tourism sector is one of the Region’s main priorities and the enhancement of learning opportunities through this project will have a positive impact on region’s action plan. This partnership will help the Region to map the regional capacities for producing, transferring and using know-how and intellectual capital with regional stakeholders and other social actors.
Through PRESERVE, the Region aims to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies, specifically focusing upon cultural heritage and landscape policies as endogenous factors of economic development. Indeed, Sterea Ellada offers great potential for the development of cultural tourism initiatives, since it hosts many cultural sites the majority of which, however, remain unknown, inaccessible and not included in any tourist package. At the same time, sustainable tourism is a tool that influences the environmental policies tackled by the region. In this spirit, tourism can be used as a vehicle for promoting renewable energy sources or low energy consumption technologies or energy saving schemes. The tourism sites can also monitor their impact on their environment including on biodiversity. Tourism activities can also take drastic measures to reduce and control waste management procedures and ensure that an ecological system is in place for waste disposal.


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