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Action planning workshop

Action planning workshop, 17-18 May 2011, Brussels

Aim / objectives

The aim of the workshop was to bring closure to the entire peer review methodology followed since the start of the project. After working on the indicators, testing the methodology in 6 peer reviews and adapting the tools at hand, partners have produced a series of 6 peer review reports highlighting the findings and recommendations of the peers.
In order to make the peer review exercise a success, it is crucial to ensure that it is useful to the partners and that it can contribute to making their respective tourism strategies more sustainable. The action planning workshop has been designed with this key consideration; partners will develop action plans that reflect and implement the main (and most feasible) recommendations made to them by their peers.


The action planning workshop took place over 1,5 days and will be structured in different sessions:
- Session 1: introduction to the workshop, explanation of the aims and working methodology + presentation of progress on PRESERVE
- Session 2: smaller moderated group sessions for host regions to design their action plans with input from their peers
- Session 3: presentation of the results from the previous day; hosts to present the key lines of their action plans, difficulties encountered/expected and main strengths
- Session 4: moderated plenary discussion and smaller group sessions to identify key success factors for sustainability in tourism + mini action plans for peers
- Session 5: conclusions


The outputs were different and adapted to both hosts and peers.
- For hosts: drafting of the action plans to implement some of the recommendations (the most useful/feasible ones) made by the peers in the peer review.
- For peers: to identify possible improvements in their own tourism strategies, based on the knowledge gathered from the other partners and possibly with the idea to transfer good practices highlighted in the project.


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