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Peer review: Banská Bystrica

Peer review Banská Bystrica

The PEER REVIEW in Banská Bystrica region was organized from 19-23 October 2009. We had a pleaseure to invite the partners from the partnership regions:

  • Trine Rosen Madsen – Region South Denmark 
  • Wolfgang Platzer – Region Carinthia 
  • Hannes Slamanig – AMT DER Kärntner Landesregierund 
  • Valentina Scaiola – Eurobic Toscana SUD 
  • Marzia Marchetti  - Eurobic Toscana SUD  

The meetings took place at the Office of Banská Bystrica Self-governing region in Banská Bystrica with the representatives of local government, state organisations and agencies, the University of Matej Bell, tourist information centre and travel agency.

The first day, after internal team meeting we prepared the pressed conference. Mr. Monček – the coordinator of the project in our region warmly welcome all participants and the deputies of the PRESS. The Lead partner of our group, Trine Rosen Madsen from region South Denmark presented our project PRESERVE regarding sustainable tourism in European regions and the partners presented themselves.       During next 2 days / 20-21 October / PEERS and HOSTS from Carinthia got the oportunity to make the interviews at the meeetings:

  • Meeting with Head of Tourism and Cultural Heritage Department Ladislav Monček
  • Meeting with Representative of Department of Regional Development, Ground Planning and Environment – Tatiana Reizerová
  • Meeting with Representative of Regional Development Agency -  Roden Oravec
  • Meeting with Section of Cultural Affairs and Events – Marta Hanuliaková
  • Meeting with Representative of Tourist Information Center of Banská Bystrica – Magdaléna       Machunková
  • Meeting with Representative of Slovak Tourism Agency – Beáta Lukáčová
  • Meeting with Representative of Travel Agency – Drahoslava Chovaňáková
  • Meeting with Representative of University, Department of Tourism – Ľubomír Kmeco
  • Meeting with Representative of State Nature Conservancy of the SR – Zuzana Okaníková  

The objectives of the talks was to evaluate the potential of our region for tourism development. After these meetings, the peers were invited on field visits in different parts of Banská Bystrica Self – governing region with the aim to meet the active stakeholders and to show the tourist centres regarding the fields of tourism development:

  • Seightseeing of Banská Bystrica town - Urban and Cultural Attraction 
  • Spa Dudince - Spa and Health tourism 
  • Village Čierny Balog - Country tourism and Agrotourism 
  • Donovaly - Tourist centre for Winter tourism  

After the internal team meeting with the partners from Tuscany and Carinthia 22. October at the final Press conference Trine Rosen Madsen evalued the results of this PEER REVIEW. Banská Bystrica Self – governing region has a good potencial for tourism development, but we need to build more the road infrastructure. Good example of tourism development is the cooperation between local selfgovernment, non profit ogranisations, enterpreneurs in the village Čierny Balog. Positively she evaluated the Strategy of tourism development in Banská Bystrica Selfgoverning region and its aplication in practice  step by step. There are very active stakelholders in the field of tourism, and she recominded their networking. All these recomendations will be the objective of the final report which will be produced by the peer review team. During this peer – review we organized also the social programme in Slovak villages Rykynčice and Nenince. The team had the opportunity to visit typical vineyard houses and to taste a local products. 

Documents to download

  • agenda (.PDF)
  • interviewees (.PDF)
  • site visits (.PDF)
  • summary (.PDF)


For further information on the host region or the peer review, please contact the partners from Banská Bystrica



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