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Peer review: Örebro

Peer review in Örebro

Örebro region hosted a Peer Review during the 22nd - 26th of june. During 4 days our peers interviewed 24 persons and saw 4 good practices in our region. Every day the peer review was held in new location in the region. We used different transportations to take the peers to the locations e g  boat, local bus or hired bus out in the region. The peer reviews were focused on different sectors.  


  • Day 1: focus on politicians, Regional Development Council and Community Business & Industry.
  • Day 2: focus on Sweden’s biggest landowner - Sveaskog, The County Administrative Board and nature preservation. We also meet representatives from Örebro Promotion - Sweden’s largest society for company owners and 2 entrepreneurs working with to big events in our region ‘O Helga natt’ a music event which take place in the middle of December outdoors in the city of Örebro and the sculpture park ‘Konst på Hög’ (Art on a Hill).
  • Day 3: focus on community tourism work. We meet the tourism managers from the cities in our region. In the evening we went to an island in Lake Hjälmaren - Vinön, where we took heard about their way of working with tourism.
  • Day 4: zoom in on country hotels and food. Our region is working to be a central place to experience good food and drink. In Grythyttan we met representatives for Örebro University - School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts & Meal Science, Destination Grythyttan, a network of companies, which is promoting local tourism attractions in the north of the region and Grythyttan Inn - one of Sweden’s most well-known country inns and restaurants. The afternoon was spent at Loka Brunn. This is the region’s most famous SPA but it is also the well of the Loka mineral water. Today Loka Brunn is owned by Sweden’s largest Brewery family – Spendrup’s. The CEO Mia Spendrup informed the group about the progressive work which has been done at the SPA. She told about both Spendrup’s strategy for Loka Brunn and the mineralwaterbrand Loka. 

Documents to download

  • agenda (.PDF)
  • interviewees (.PDF)
  • participants (.PDF)


For further information on the host region or the peer review, please contact the partners from Örebro



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