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Peer review: Carinthia (AT)

Peer review Carinthia

Carinthia region hosted the peer review from 4th October - 8th October 2010

The region of Carinthia (Austria) has hosted as an AER member of the PRESERVE group a Peer Review from 4th-8th October, dealing with the issue of sustainability in tourism. Among the attendees were peers from South Denmark, Tuscany and the Banska Bystrica region, who had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas for improvements with people engaged with tourism development in Carinthia.  

During the Peer Review proved the success of the fundamental pillars of sustainable development and tourism; partnership, community engagement and commitment. The involvement of private sectors has proven successful in particular with the National Parks and Nature Parks.  

All week long the peers have visited many small villages and towns reflecting on the traditional rural life in Austria with its churches, guesthouses and farms. Carinthia is especially known for its scenic landscapes, ranging from high mountains to big green forests and deep lakes.

With the changing seasons Carintha has the perfect base for “Seasonal tourism” having activities at offer for each season giving tourists the chance to conduct outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, adventure sports, horse riding, swimming and skiing.

However, the peer team has remarked that the Carinthia Tourist Board with its very practical approach to implement marketing plans and produce material but lacks vision. An overall vision should be developed for Carinthia to guarantee long-term success and make Carinthia’s uniqueness stand out.

All in all, the peer review has been very impressed with the province and their suggestions for improvements.


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For further information on the host region or the peer review, please contact the partners from Carinthia


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