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PRESERVE Hidden Treasures

PRESERVE HIDDEN TREASURES, 07 November 2011, Brussels (B)


The regions of PRESERVE project partners are rich in cultural and natural resources. Some of these cultural sites and marvelous landscapes have great tourist potentials; however, they are often not explored and their touristic valorization has just started or is under development.

This richness is threatened by both a general lack of investments on one hand as well as by alternative investments on the other hand that exert excessive pressure and risk damaging them. One of the main objectives of the PRESERVE peer reviews was to visit these sites and, with the support of an external eye, to give recommendations on their sustainable touristic development.

This PRESERVE event is a great opportunity to learn more about PRESERVE and its approach to improve sustainable tourism policies. The strategies for the PRESERVE hidden treasures, which were developed during the PRESERVE project, will be presented to show how they can be valorized in a sustainable way. Furthermore, the European Commission will speak about the trends and opportunities of sustainable tourism.

Draft Agenda

Draft agenda of the PRESERVE seminar


Please send your completed forms to:

Eszter Balazsy
Head of International Affairs Unit, Észak-Alföld Regional Development Agency

Practical Information

Eszak-Alföld welcomes PRESERVE partners and local stakeholders to the final PRESERVE seminar in Brussels on 07 November 2011

The PRESERVE seminar will take place at:
Committee of the Regions (CoR), Brussels




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